Madeira Beach Election Results (Unofficial)

Commissioner, District 3

**Doug Andrews – 53.02%
J. Roger Pryor 0 46.98%

Commissioner, District

**John E. Douthirt – 50.47%
Steve Kochick – 49.53%

Charter Amendments

#1 Simple Majority Vote

To require a simple majority vote of a quorum of Commissioners present and eligible to vote, instead of three affirmative votes for most actions of the Board of Commissioners including Ordinances, Resolutions and other routine actions of the Board.

Yes – 37.98%
**No – 62.02%

#2 Term Limits

Establishes new consecutive terms limits. The Mayor and District Commissioners shall serve no more than three (3) consecutive regular terms and shall not thereafter seek re-election for a period of two (2) years for either Mayor or District Commissioner.

**Yes – 70.89%
No – 29.11%

#3 Forfeiture of Office for knowing violation of certain State Laws

Provides that a Commissioner shall forfeit office if the commissioner is found by the Florida Ethics Commission or a court of competent jurisdiction to have knowingly violated the Sunshine Laws, Ethics Laws, or Public Records Laws. A Special Magistrate shall make the final decision concerning forfeiture of office if a Commissioner requests a forfeiture hearing.

**Yes – 81.18%
No – 18.82%

#4 Forfeiture of Office after three (3) unexcused absences

Provides that a Commissioner shall forfeit office if the commissioner fails to attend three (instead of four) consecutive regular meetings, or regular workshop meetings, without being excused by the Board of Commissioners.

**Yes – 72.01%
No – 27.99%

#5 Adjustment of District Boundaries

Requires that the Board of Commissioners shall review and, if necessary, change the existing municipal district boundaries to ensure that each district shall be approximately equal in number of electors every five (5) years, instead of every four (4) years required in the current charter.

**Yes – 53.82%
No – 46.18%

#6 Adopting State Law for Recall Procedures

Cross references procedures for the recall of elected officials in Florida Statutes section 100.361

**Yes – 80.05%
No – 19.95%

#7 Induction of newly Elected Commissioners

Requires the induction of new Board of Commissioners and appointment of a Vice Mayor at the first regular or special meeting, which shall be held on or before the last day of the month in which the election was held. Rules of Board procedure shall be adopted within 90 days following each election.

** Yes – 74.26%
No – 25.75%

#8 Recognize City Manager and remove City Treasurer on the list of Charter Officers

Recognizes the City Manager as an existing Charter Officer and removes the City Treasurer/Finance Director from the list of Charter Officers that are hired and fired by the Board of Commissioners, thereby placing the authority to hire and fire the City Treasurer/Finance Director directly under the authority of the City Manager and placing the City Treasurer/Finance Director under the direct supervision of the City Manager by Ordinance.

Yes – 49.46%
**No – 50.54%

#9 Delegation of Commission Investigation Procedures

Amends the section of the charter concerning investigations by the Board of Commissioners to delegate investigations into the internal affairs of the City by appointing a Charter Officer to investigate internal affairs of the City.

**Yes – 58.34% 
No – 41.66%

#10 Special Magistrate to replace Board of Adjustment

Replaces the Board of Adjustment with a Special Magistrate.

Yes – 47.52%
**No – 52.48%

#11 Citizens’ Initiative and Referendum Procedures

Allows citizens to circulate petitions to propose adoption, require reconsideration or repeal of ordinances by an initiative and referendum vote of the full electorate where not preempted by state law with signatures of at least 10 percent (rather than the current 25 percent) of the total number of electors registered to vote in the last regular City election and authorize petition circulators to collect qualified signatures on petitions.

**Yes – 50.67%
No – 49.33%

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